Women’s Fashionable Forever ring white

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Le Corone 925 silver Women’s Fashionable Forever ring, rhodium plated with white Cubic Zirconia stones and an easily resizable hypoallergenic silicone band. Resizable hypoallergenic silicone stem. 100% Made in Italy.

TIRED OF TRADITIONAL JEWELLERY? We have solved the typical and annoying “size” problem for both rings and bracelets, since they have hypoallergenic silicone bands which can be easily resized by using a pair of standard scissors. Thus our products can be worn immediately making a dream come true!
Every stem is made of hypoallergenic 100% silicone. The branded bands are not the result of an extrusion: every band is made by using injection molding machines, to ensure perfect quality.
In price included:
- additional silicon bands (easy to replace, different colours),
- certificate,
- gift box and gift bag.
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