Women’s Rings Le Corone, TRILOGY LUXURY

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Women’s Le Corone  925 silver TRILOGY LUXURY ring plated in white gold with 6 Cubic Zirconia stones, with a 6 mm diameter brilliant cut, and a central 11 stone band. Easily resizable hypoallergenic silicone band which can be adjusted with a simple cut. 100% Made in Italy. Included: additional silicon bands (easy to replace, different colours), certificate, gift box and gift bag. Hermossa online shop

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A contemporary and gorgeous reinterpretation of the classic trilogy ring, TRILOGY LUXURY is a combination of two three-crown bezel rings with six magnificent stones in various hues, carefully matched, and a central 11 stone band, which, together with the colored stem, create an up-to-date and unique jewel, where 3, the number of perfection, is repeated twice to highlight a luxury which invades our daily life, giving it an everlasting atmosphere of harmony and magic.

Women’s Rings Le Corone, TRILOGY LUXURY – Online Shop


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